Frequently Asked Questions

Personalization Questions

Q: How do I add personalization to my item? A: For any item that can be personalized, just enter up to three initials in the input field before adding your item to the shopping cart.

Q: Can I have more letters hot stamped on a wallet than the 3 allowed? A: No, we provide the maximum space that will fit on a given item.

Q: Where are the letters hot stamped on an item? A: We personalize all of our wallets on the bottom right hand corner of the front of the wallet.

Q: How long does personalization take? A: Personalization does not add any time to order processing. We do all of our leather hot stamping in our own warehouse.

Q: How do I request multiple items with different personalizations? A: After you add the first item to the shopping cart, press the Keep Shopping button to add your next item to the shopping cart.

Q: Can I add a logo to an item? A: Yes, we definitely can have a logo hot stamped on your leather item. There is a 10 piece minimum though. If you'd like your logo on one of our leather items, just email us at with the item #, quantity you need and the logo in black and white adobe illustrator .eps format.

Shipping Info

Q: What shipping methods do you offer? A: Our default shipping method is Standard shipping and it is free of charge. We usually ship via first class mail with the standard shipping option. We also offer Priority Mail shipping with the post office as well as a host of UPS shipping options.

Q: How long do items normally take to ship? A: All of our products usually ship the next business day. There are rare exceptions where we may have to order an item in. If this is the case, we'll let you know immediately of the delay and how long your order will take to ship.

Returns & Exchanges

Q: Can I return an engraved or otherwise personalized item? A: No, but you can definitely exchange an item that is personalized if you're not happy with it.

Q: How do I return or exchange my item? A: You can find all of our return information here House of Wallet Returns

Q: Once I have returned an item, how long will it be before I see a refund? A: We strive to refund you the day we receive your return back. On occassion, we may refund you for your return the next day.

Order Status

Q: Will I receive a tracking # when my order ships? A: Yes, as soon as your order ships (usually the next business day), we'll email you a tracking #.

Received Wrong Shipment

Q: I received the wrong item, how can I get this corrected? A: Email us immediately and we'll ship out the correct item immediately.

We're not emailing you back

Q: I've sent several emails but have not heard back from you? A: On rare occasions emails end up in our bulk or spam folder, an unfortunate result of the massive amounts of spam we receive. If you haven't heard back from us after 24 hours (except on weekends, give us 24 hours from the end of the weekend), give us a call at 888 35 GIFTS.
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